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Job Seekers

Get immediate access to top tier companies and organizations through our network. We maximize your potential.

Our network goes far beyond our roots in Silicon Valley. So, by working with us, you are able to access the very best opportunities currently available.


Working with Staffogen, you will build your network of connections and increase the quality and quantity of jobs that are available to you. Because we are a specialized firm, we select the very best positions according to your skill set. We identify the best options for you based on your intricate skill set, background and desired career path. And we charge you nothing; it’s always 100% free!


Candidate benefits include:

·       Interview Preparation

·       Training

·       Career Coaching

·       LinkedIn Setup

·       Resume Advice​

Please submit your application now and we'll be in contact with you soon! 

  • Thoroughly understand the client’s environment for soft skills as well as the technical fit for each requirement.

  • Expert Level Recruiting that utilizes a combination of specialized tools and resources to identify talent, including passive job seekers. Our resources include social media, multiple job boards and various websites that attract Silicon Valley’s top talent.

  • Connect with Personal Referrals.

  • Review of previously screened candidates data files.

  • Face to face interviews held with identified candidates that match client’s need.

  • Assist candidates with resume experience details that match client’s requirements.

  • Presentation of individuals that are identified as a great match (includes a brief summary of what we have learned about the candidate, evaluation results, reference checks, cost, and a copy of their resume).

Recruiting Methodology

Questions about working with Staffogen? Please email our recruiters at

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