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STAFFOGEN is your full service Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Operations, and Administrative Staffing firm. Our Staffing Executives will work closely with you to determine how we can best support you going forward.


We Care

From the very first instance of contact, we will let you know how much we care. We are prompt, focused, and 100% interested in how we can best assist you.


We Are Confident

Most of our time is spent finding the best candidates for you to interview, and we are confident that you will appreciate our work. We are confident that you will not waste your time by interviewing candidates who are not qualified – and that you will not miss out on your choice of personnel because we overlooked them. You only receive the best candidates.


We Are Committed

You want the best people and we devote all our energy to ensure that happens. We find the best people so you are free to do what you do best.




Client Services


HR Director

HR Generalist

HR Manager

HR/ Payroll Coordinator

HR Coordinator


HR Admin

Senior Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

Senior Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Entry-Level Administrative Assistant

Senior Office Manager

Marketing Assistant

Sales Associate

Property Management Assistant

Project Manager


And much more!





Assistant Controller

Accounting Manager

Finance Manager

A/P & A/R Specialists
Accounting Managers
Budget Analysts
Cost Accountants
Credit Managers
Certified General Accountants
Certified Management Accountants
Certified Public Accountants
Chartered Accountants
Financial Analysts
Payroll Professionals
Staff and Senior Accountants
Tax Accountants

And much more!


We can recruit, screen, interview and reference check applicants for regular employment with your company. You have NO costs to pay for the recruiting efforts provided by Staffogen until you select an individual and they commence work with your company. A placement fee is calculated based on the first year remuneration of the individual selected.

Postions we Staff
Direct Placement

Staffing Consultants are available for short to long term assignments. Our consultants receive a complete compensation package of salary and benefits, as well as career coaching. The client only pays the hourly rate agreed with us prior to placement.

This “try before you buy” program has proven to be an effective way for clients to add Accounting, Finance, Administrative, and HR staff. This allows our clients to determine if an individual’s skills, cultural fit, and performance are suitable for their company as a direct staff employee through an initial contract engagement. If the client determines that they wish to hire our consultant, we work with you to ensure a smooth transition from the contract to direct employment. Not only does this benefit the client, but the candidate also has the opportunity to evaluate their personal fit to your team and company. 

Temporary Placements
Contract to Hire


Information Security Manager

Network Architect

Systems Architect

App Development Manager

Enterprise Architect

Internet Technology Architect

Chief Security Officer

Director/VP of Systems Development


Software Engineer

Hardware Engineer

Software Developer

Web Developer

System Business Analyst

.NET Developer

Systems Administrator

Project Manager

Network Engineer

And much more! 



Community Manager


Graphic Designer 

Web Designer 

Project Manager 

Marketing Manager 

Creative Director 

Chief Marketing Officer 

Agency Account Coordinator 

Account Executive 

Account Planner 

Brand Manager 

Communications Manager

Public Relations Manager 

Public Relations Account Executive

And much more! 


Tell us about your Staffing Needs! 

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